Understanding Your Puppy's Healthcare Needs

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Bringing home a sweet little puppy is exciting, but adding a puppy to your family comes with responsibilities. In addition to training and socialising your puppy, you also need to be aware of their healthcare needs. Here's what you need to know:

Protection From Worms And Fleas

Worms can cause vomiting and dehydration, while fleas can cause itching and skin infections. You can protect your puppy from the pain and discomfort of a worm or flea infestation by administering vet-approved treatments regularly. Treat your puppy for fleas every month throughout the year, and use this schedule for worming them:

Ensure you use products suitable for your dog's age or you risk giving them too much. If you do use a treatment aimed at older or larger dogs, contact your vet right away for advice.

Recommended Vaccinations

Your puppy should start a dog vaccination program when they reach 1 ½ -2 months old. After their first round of vaccinations, they will need booster shots at 12 weeks old and an annual booster shot for the rest of their life to ensure they remain protected. Your puppy won't be fully protected from common diseases until they have their 12 week booster, so keep them indoors and away from other dogs until then. Vaccinating your puppy will protect them from the following:

Puppy Nutrition

Puppies also need a specially formulated diet to support brain development and physical growth. Opt for food rich in these three nutrients to protect your puppy from skin and bone conditions and support their growth:

You should register your puppy with a local vet and have them checked over for any signs of illness as soon as you bring them home. Your vet can answer any specific questions you have about your puppy's healthcare needs and recommend flea and worming products and nutritionally complete brands of puppy food.