Time For Puppy School? 3 Steps To Take Before Each Class Session

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If you have a new puppy in the family and you want them to be on their best behaviour, it's time to enrol them in puppy school. Puppy school is a great way to teach your puppy the basics of good behaviour. However, you'll also learn some important tricks, such as how to stop your puppy from biting and how to make house training more effective, and less stressful. If you want your puppy to be as successful as possible in their puppy school, it's important that you prepare them for class. Here are three steps that will help you get your puppy ready for puppy school. 

Reduce Meal Size

If you've enrolled your puppy in puppy school and you want to ensure the best chance for success, the first thing you need to do is consider meal size. During school, your puppy will be offered treats as encouragement for accomplishing a goal. If your puppy has a full tummy, they might not be as excited about the treats. To make sure your puppy reacts in a positive manner to the treats they receive, reduce the size of their pre-class meal. That way, the treats have the right effect on your puppy during class. 

Get the Wiggles Out

If your puppy is enrolled in puppy school, work off some of the energy before they get to class. If your puppy has too much energy, they won't be able to focus on the lessons. Not only that, but they might become a distraction to the other puppies. One way to prevent distraction and improve focus is to give your puppy a chance to work off the energy before class. You can do that by taking your puppy on a long walk or by taking them to the park for a few minutes before class. 

Give Them a Potty Break

If your puppy is getting ready for puppy school and you want to make sure that they're ready to participate, don't forget to give them a potty break before class starts. Your puppy won't be able to focus on the lessons if their bladder or bowels are full. Not only that, but without the potty break, you run the risk that class will be interrupted by an accident. To avoid accidents and to help your puppy concentrate on their lessons, give them a chance to relieve themselves before class. 

If you've decided to enrol your new puppy in puppy school, use the tips provided here to get them ready for class.